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Global Focus on Immune and Brain Health

The ‘pursuit of health and wellbeing’ has been highlighted as a key trend in the active nutrition space for 2021, with particular interest in immune and brain health.

This finding was the result of a new report released by FrieslandCampina which was conducted in partnership with industry gurus and external market data.

While the pursuit of health and wellbeing is nothing new, the impact of COVID-19 has renewed and refocused consumer’s focus on their health, particularly when it comes to immunity and brain function. The findings show that six out of ten consumers are more conscious about their health and wellbeing as a direct result of the global pandemic.

With many different products competing in these two categories, it is rare to find one that offers exceptional benefits for both immunity and brain health. The result of the best natural ingredients and years of scientific research, Core ASX is a premium food supplement capable of meeting this growing global health trend.

Core ASX is capable of both strengthening and balancing the immune system, improving its ability to defend the body and promoting a faster inflammation response. It contains natural ingredients that help to enhance antibody production and protects immune cells against oxidative stress.

This multi-functional product also supports the antioxidant capacity of the brain, which starts to decline as we age, leaving us more open to attack from free radicals. Core ASX contains scientifically tested ingredients that have been shown to reduce age-related forgetfulness, multi-tasking and alertness – helping to keep the mind clear and focused.

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