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Cellular Health – More Than Just a Trend

The basic building block of all living things, the cell may be tiny but its importance is huge when it comes to healthy aging. The human body is composed of billions of them, and together they provide structure for every tissue, muscle and organ.

The cell is where it all starts, so it makes sense that this is also where the first signs of aging occur. The health of our cells starts to slowly decline as we age and this is thought to be responsible for many of the signs of aging, from tired joints and memory loss to grey hairs and wrinkles.

Of course, there are some things we can do to help combat this decline and ensure that our cells remain as healthy for as long as possible. These are:

Get a Better Night’s Sleep – Sleep depravation can negatively impact on our cellular health, interfering with our cognitive function and causing us to experience ‘brain fog’. To help maximise sleep, it is advised to keep your bedroom cool and avoid phone/tablet use immediately before bed.

Eat Inflammation-Reducing Foods – One of the fastest ways to improve cellular health is to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables while reducing your intake of red meat and other animal protein products. Excessive alcohol consumption also causes chronic cellular inflammation.

Avoid External Stressors – Prolonged exposure to the sun, UV radiation, tobacco smoke, toxic chemicals and other pollutants should be avoided wherever possible, as this can induce the production of harmful free radicals that attack the body’s cells and tissues.

Use a Daily Supplement – Finding a supplement that specifically targets cellular health is not easy, but SE85 Cellular Rejuvenation ticks all of the boxes. This science-backed product helps to protect cellular health by ‘oxygenating’ the cells, optimising the body’s defence against inflammation, and by eliminating potentially harmful free radicals.

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