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CORE ASX vs. SE85 – Which One is Best for You?

With such a wide range of health benefits on offer, it can become quite overwhelming when trying to decide whether CORE ASX® or SE85® is the right supplement for you.

For example, both products provide a clinical dose of natural astaxanthin (ASX), but the benefits of this potent antioxidant will vary depending on your age, lifestyle and activity level. The antioxidant effects will be different for somebody aged 30 with a high activity level than they would be for a 60-year-old in a declining state of health.

This is where the superior science behind HEBE LIFE® products becomes apparent, helping to redefine the aging process at different stages of life depending on the challenges you are facing.

Young to middle-aged individuals taking natural ASX daily will help to extend their youth by maintaining their health, protecting their cells and slowing down the aging process. Middle to older-age individuals taking the same ASX ingredient will experience improvements in functions that were beginning to slow or deteriorate, helping to restore their health and stay active for longer, while also turning back the clock on skin condition and appearance.

With this in mind, CORE ASX® is recommended for younger customers looking to maintain the same level of health and fitness into their 20s and 30s. The product has also been certified by Informed Sport, making it safe for athletes, sports professionals and other drug-tested personnel looking to preserve muscle performance and enhance recovery. SE85®, on the other hand, is designed specifically for middle aged and older customers (35 and above) who want to slow the physical and cognitive decline caused by aging to stay healthy, look younger and maintain their mental sharpness.

Another key difference between the two products is the addition of Hexamethyltetracosa Hexaene, also known as squalene, in the SE85® formulation. This ingredient is more valuable than gold and helps to rejuvenate and breathe new life into the body’s cells.

As we age, one of the main threats to cellular health is a lack of oxygen. This has been pinpointed as the cause, or at least a contributing factor, in nearly all degenerative diseases. Hexamethyltetracosa Hexaene can be described as an ‘oxygenator’ for its role in oxygen transportation within the body, helping to slow down the aging process by optimising immune performance and improving the body’s defence systems against inflammation, illness and infections.

Ultimately, Core ASX and SE85 are so advanced as health supplements that anybody taking either product will experience some significant benefits. But in order to maximise those benefits, we recommend CORE ASX® for younger individuals (20-40 years) looking to maintain their healthy, active lifestyles, and SE85® for middle aged older individuals (over 35 years) to rejuvenate the body and prevent physical and cognitive decline.

SE85® and CORE ASX® can be safely combined together or taken alongside any other dietary supplement. However, it is advised to check the ingredients list beforehand to ensure that you are not over-consuming certain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

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