Beauty is More than Skin Deep

With the average health consumer being much more educated on the subject of beauty and skin health than they were at the start of the last decade, it feels that we are in the middle of a ‘beauty revolution’ with customers demanding better products that can provide meaningful results.

The way we look is important to most of us (even though we know it shouldn’t be!) and the majority of people will invest in numerous creams and lotions to support clear, hydrated and wrinkle-free skin. However, the majority of these products only paper over the cracks and provide a short-term fix to a more important problem. Have you ever wondered why your skin looks more aged or what might be causing the dryness or roughness?

With this in mind, many of us are drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and even turning towards ‘nutricosmetics’. These clinically researched food supplements target the inner building blocks responsible for outward appearance, helping to promote healthier and younger-looking skin from the inside out!

SE85® Cellular Rejuvenation is a perfect example of nutrition and science coming together in this way to revolutionise the beauty industry. Filled with potent antioxidants, including Natural ASX and Pure Squalene, this cosmetic capsule helps to protect and strengthen all layers of the skin to support increased hydration, elasticity and smoothness.

It is time to change our habits when it comes to beauty – which scientifically proven anti-aging nutrients will you be introducing into your routine for 2021?

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